Mosquitoes vs. Humans

NEXT UP: March 20. “Mosquitoes vs. Humans: West Nile, EEE and the future of mosquito-carried disease in New Hampshire.” Are we facing a future of bug spray and long-sleeved shirts all summer long?

Here’s some advance (and depressing) reading in anticipation of our discussion about Mosquitoes vs. Humans: BBC report about mosquitoes evolving to shrug off the insecticide Deet.


Abigail A. Mathewson DVM, surveillance epidemiology program manager and and acting State Public Health Veterinarian, New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services. At the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, as part of her participation in routine infectious disease surveillance for New Hampshire, Dr. Mathewson reviews case reports of vector-borne disease. During the arboviral season, this translates to investigating positive veterinary cases and evaluating the public’s risk based on positive findings of EEE and West Nile Viruses in humans, animals, and mosquitoes.

Heidi Peek, health officer and manager of the public health department for the city of Nashua. She has overseen the city’s mosquito control program since the year 2000, doing work that ranges from trapping mosquitoes for identification, to analyzing data and making sweeping recommendations.

Gary Nielsen, entomologist and director of training for JP Pest Services in Milford. He spent ten years working in alfalfa integrated pest management before moving to southern NH. He has PhD in botany and plant pathology with a minor in entomology.

Event will be held at Killarney’s Irish Pub in Nashua, just off exit 4 of the Everett Turnpike. If you want to grab some food while you’re there, be sure to grab this coupon first!

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